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Make deals with legal validity, collect signatures, store your signed documents.

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How does the system work?

TruePact Service Process
You can upload your document from your computer, mobile phone or from different sources like Box / Google Drive.
All you need to do is to enter the names and e-mail addresses of people who’ll sign your document. Each participant will receive a private e-mail.
The signer views the document and then signs it using either USB e-signature or mobile signature. The signer doesn’t need to be a member of the system; membership of document’s owner is enough.
After all the participants signed the document, you can keep it in archive folder, download it or delete it from the system.

After the signature: Easy Management

Managing increasing number of signed documents is as important as signing them fast and cost-free.
A system where you can tag and archive your documents, and easily access them by using smart filters is waiting for you.
Our system continuously develops and you can make use of new abilities without extra payment.

İmzadan sonrası: kolay yönetim

A system which eases agreement procedure

Kolay anlaştıran sistem

Spending time and money for your agreements is in the past. You can send your documents to several people to sign and you can sign document sent to you. Besides, without paying for notary, stationary, transport, courier etc. and with Internet speed…

21 days free trial

Each one of your documents will have a date identity with time stamp

Zaman damgası

With our advanced signing method your documents will be stored with a time stamp retaining their signature date and time. You can make long term agreements. Your agreement will remain valid even if your signatures validity has expired.
Additionally, it is possible to access all the information about signing process in detail. This information is probative and TruePact can provide a signed document (certificate) for authorities if needed.

Now you have a stronger signature than your wet signature

All signatures in your electronically signed document are replacements of wet signatures.
Moreover, e-signature can’t be forged or denied.
With e-signature you’ll make high level signatures securely, save time and money.
Check our information bank for more information.

Islak imzanızdan da güçlü bir imza

Security and Privacy

Güvenlik ve Gizlilik

We save all your documents encrypted and securely in accordance with Common Criteria and FIPS standards. One of the pleasing sides of working with us is that you can continue managing your documents even when your membership has expired.
Check our information bank for more information.