Collisilver Privacy Statement

Collisilver  (“Collisilver”) is committed to protecting your privacy and personal data. We process personal data in compliance with the privacy and data protection laws of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, where Collisilver is established. In this privacy statement, we describe how we deal with personal data in the context of providing Collisilver’s services to you.

What information do we collect and for what purpose?

When using our service, we may ask you for your name, email address, telephone numbers, gender, and postal address, and as part of a signing process, we process the signature that you place. Your name and email address may also have been provided to us by someone who sent you to Collisilver’s services. If you log into your Collisilver service account using Facebook, Google, or other services, these services may share additional information about you in accordance with their privacy policy.

When you use the Collisilver services (i.e TruePact) and website, your computer will automatically provide us with certain information about your computer hardware and software, such as IP addresses, operating system, browser type, location data provided by your browser, domain names, access times, timestamps and referring websites.

The intent of Collisilver for collecting and processing information is first and foremost for providing our services. Secondly, we may use such information for the operation of our website and services, to maintain the quality thereof, and to obtain statistics regarding the use of the website and services. We may also use it to show to free users advertisements – that help keep our services free – and to send information about the products and services of our partners. Paying or registered Collisilver users will receive information (for example a newsletter) about our services. However, non-registered Collisilver users that originate from paying users will not receive information about our services or about the products and services of our partners.

Who can access this information?

Use of Collisilver’s services implies that certain personal data is shared between users exchanging a signed document. After completing a signing process, Collisilver will send a signing log to both the user that initiated the signing process and to any users that have signed the document or are in another way related to Collisilver’s service (TruePact). This signing log may contain names, email addresses, IP addresses and timestamps of all users involved, and may also contain certain additional information, such as location data or domain names. All changes to the document, initiated by users, such as text, dates and signatures, will be included in the signing log.

During the signing process, we may provide users involved with information about the status of the signing process, such as whether a Collisilver has been delivered, viewed, downloaded and/or it has resulted in a signature. These events may also be included in the signing log.

How is this information secured?

The criteria used to determine the period of storage of personal data are the legal retention periods. After expiration of that period, the corresponding data will be deleted, as long as it is no longer necessary for the fulfilment of the contract or the start of a new contract or required as part of the Collisilver services.


The use of cookies

If you use our website or services, we may place a cookie (a piece of data) on your hard drive in order to enable the use of our services, to simplify and to obtain statistics regarding the use of our website and services.

User Access to Personal Information

Under the GDPR, you have certain rights, such as with regard to rectification, erasure or blocking of personal data that we process. Collisilver has appointed a data protection officer (DPO). If you have any queries in relation to such rights or need to contact our DPO, please contact us at

The Netherlands
+31 (0) 641 342 243

After confirming your identity, we will share the personal information with you in a clear readable manner. In addition, you as an end-user have the right to file a complaint to Collisilver via the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch authority for protecting personal data) via

Changes to this policy

Collisilver may alter or amend this privacy policy from time to time. If we do, we will make reasonable efforts to inform our users of such changes through Collisilver’s website. If you subsequently continue to use Collisilver services, this will be understood to imply that you accept the altered or amended policy. In the event that you do not wish to accept the alterations or amendments, please stop using the services and delete any accounts you may have created on our systems.

Version: April 2021